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Encouraging the Tech-Curious & Cautious

From the desk of: Kyle Kendrick


In retail marketing, deciding whether to integrate new technology into your brand’s customer experience can often feel like a crossroads: an intersection between the familiar and the unfamiliar. The safe and the sometimes risky.

It’s why many retailers and brands are either tech-curious (intrigued by technology but hesitant to implement it right away) or tech-cautious (too risk-averse to consider new technology in a serious way).

But taking technology risks allows brands to create unexpected and unique retail experiences that can facilitate authentic, lasting connections with their customers. Whether that’s remodeling an entire store to spellbind shoppers with enchanting tech-infused experiences, or converting a once-static display window into an interactive artist’s studio powered by mobile technology.

Whatever your brand’s experience is, we say lean into your technology curiosity. Because when tech supports customer experience in a meaningful way, brands bring their stories to life in new ways, in different dimensions. And that’s what inspires engagement.

3 Ways To Foster Risk Willingness

Risk is often associated with words like “alleviate” and “mitigate,” but let’s not forget “willingness”. The willingness to take risks fosters creativity and a culture of constant progress and growth. This appetite for tech risk is elemental to processes that produce jaw-dropping reactions, eye-widening moments and goosebump-inducing experiences for your customers. Think Tesla’s pioneering technology in automotive. This is what taking tech risks is all about. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate risk that simultaneously foster the willingness to take one.

Just because it’s new tech, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right tech.

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1. Content What? User Experience Who?

There can be risks involved with adopting new technologies. But there doesn’t have to be. If brands let a data-driven strategy inform their content and user experience from the start, the right technology required to deliver that experience will reveal itself. Integrating technology in this meaningful way mitigates the risk of adopting the wrong technology – saving time and money in the long run, by investing at the onset.

2. Think Right, Not New

Just because it’s new tech, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right tech. Technologies like VR, AR and mixed reality (MR) are still being realized and their possibilities are seemingly endless. VR training simulations for doctors, AR user manuals for cars, MR experiences redefining home renovation – the list goes on. Looking at how existing tech works for brands in other industries, can help you find low-risk applications for your brand.

3. Collaborate With Experts

No one succeeds alone, and the same is true when it comes to adopting tech. Collaborating with experts willing to push the envelope is the first step toward getting your brand’s spectacular moment. Our Innovation Lab for example allows us to be that partner for brands around the world. The lab’s a space to test out technology and find exactly the right match for our clients, before they go to market with it. Goodbye risk!

Risk-taking is innovation fire starter. So go on, take a risk. Be the forward-thinking brand willing to take a chance and create something spectacular for your customers.  Overcome your tech-caution and satisfy your tech-curiosity.  It’s worth it, we promise.


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